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Article by Alan Watkins (1987)

As others see us ...
As others see us . . .

There is one infallible sign that indicates the existence of an ancient Celtic civilisation. The trained historian or archaeologist learns to watch out for it. It is to be seen in the Western Isles, Southern Ireland and Cornwall. South-west Wales boasts some particularly fine specimens. It is an old motor vehicle rusting peacefully away in the corner of an overgrown field. In some quarters it is believed that these artefacts represent a sacrifice to the Romano British god of Fori, meaning tomorrow, as in: 'I'll do it fori: (i.e., when I feel like it, which may be never). Decrepit chicken coops and collapsed corrugated iron sheds fulfil the same essentially religious function.

Alan Watkins
"The Observer" 8/3/87
Coll Magazine - Article by Alan Watkins

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