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Article by Hugh MacKinnon (1986)

Letters to the Editor
Dear Madam,

Reading the quote in last year's issue about the 'three - Dearies' brought back memories for me. They were all great characters, Coll born and bred. After working in Cranston's famous tearooms in Glasgow for the most of their lives, they retired here. They lived for a while in the old Schoolhouse at Arnabost and then moved to Cranaig where I delivered milk to them from Achamore Farm. You were a 'dear' while in the house - what you were called once outside was a different matter altogether!

Eventually, on the passing of their brother and his wife, they moved into their house at Sorisdale, where the photograph below was taken. The framed parchment they are holding was given them by their employer for long and faithful service. They ended their days at Sorisdale from where their lives began. Annie, the youngest, died tragically in a fire which totally destroyed their house... A sad end to the MacLean family, whose hospitality was of exalted reputation!

Yours etc.
Hugh McKinnon
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Two ladies with the parchment
Coll Magazine - Article by Hugh MacKinnon

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