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Article by Unknown (1986)

This is becoming a mere form, this introducing of the COLL ALMANAC to the public. They know each other so well now, have danced together through so many seasons, that they are going to make a match of it, and live happily together until death do them part.

There are no great events to chronicle just when 1886 comes forward to replace 1885.

Trade depression set in last year with even greater severity than before, and the future looks dark and unpromising. But that darkness which precedes the dawn is very often ultra intense. Let us hope that better times will come with the morning light; that as the shadows flee away prosperity may return.

The late election savours so of contention as to be unsuitable Almanac matter. It was, however, the "big business" of the gone-bye year, and should be referred to.

Go forth now, say we, without further preface, this onceagain record of Coll interests. Carry in your pages to kindly neighbours anti to valued friends, wherever they may dwell, words of goodwill, sent at this season when such words have their best meaning, and are most fervently felt.

To All A Good New Year, and may a thousand blessings (if you deserve them) be yours.

We end this commemorative issue of The Coil Magazine with a facsimile of the Preface to the 1886 Coll Almanac. Century old hopes & wishes that remind us history is forever repeating itself whatever the season....
Coll Magazine - Article by Unknown

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