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Article by Robert Sturgeon (1989)

Coll Community Council Report.
Coll Community Council Report.

Members of Committe,
Mr John Wheeler James (Chairman)
Mr R. Sturgeon (Secretary)
The Hon. Lavinia Bristol (Treasurer)
Mr J.English Mr J.Fraser
Mrs C.K.M. Stewart
Mr M.Taylor

Main Business During Year 1988,

Complaints have been voiced at the poor standard of roads and in particular ditching alongside the roads, grass covered passing places and also the fact that with the departure of Ian Toole to Mull, no replacement has or will be sanctioned by the Regional Council. Towards the end of the year roadside ditches have been cleaned and a request has been made to the Regional Council to have a further stretch of road repaired using plastic netting as was carried out in 1986.

A request has been made to Strathclyde Regional Council to take over the Roundhouse-Breachacha road which is privately owned, but is extensively used by the public.

The overall maintenance is unsatisfactory. Livestock are gaining entry to both cemeteries. Headstones are being knocked down, flowers placed on graves are being destroyed and rabbits are burrowing in the graveyards. A strong letter of complaint has been sent to the Director of Tourism, Leisure and Recreation asking for immediate action to rectify these problems.

Pressure has been exerted on Strathclyde Regional Council to improve the sewage disposal system for Arinagour and especially at the Middle Pier outlet. Although the pipe was extended the situation, if anything is worse.

Arrangements are now being made for the Community Council to be given a ten year (in first instance) lease of the Old Pier with a view to effecting repairs on the Pier which is fast deteriorating. It is hoped to obtain grants from various sources for this purpose.

After much negative discussion with the District Council on this matter, it has been finally agreed that the old waiting room be utilised for the provision of public toilets. It was originally intended by the District Council to place a Portaloo close to the telephone kiosk, but this was opposed by nearby householders and other members of the public.

Concern was expressed that Government might be considering dumping nuclear waste in the Islands and possibly Coll. A letter was sent to the Secretary of State informing him that any such plans would be totally opposed by the Community Council. It has become apparent that Coll is unlikely to be selected as a site for a nuclear waste repositry.

Those travelling from Coll to the mainland for dental treatment are not reimbursed for their travelling and subsistence expenses, as are medical cases. The Health Council has been asked to take this matter up, and to this end a petition signed by most islanders was sent to the Council to support our request.

The Dump has been cleaned up and is now being well maintained.

After a request by the Community Council that a teachers house be made availible as soon as possible, the Regional Council have now agreed to this request and building is expected to start shortly.

Attempts to retain the Rocketry and Buoy gear by writing to the Chief Coastguard have failed.

11.CALEDONIAN MACBRAYNE The fact that the new vessel to come into service in Summer 1989 will have no livestock pens and all livestock will have to be transported in floats has caused considerable discontent amongst island farmers. It is unlikely however that appeals to Cal Mac to reverse the decision will meet with success. Fears have been expressed to Cal Mac that the present facilities at C9 II Pier will be inadequate to accommodat the new vessel but Cal Mac state that the ship will not experience any difficulties.

The fact that the vessel will not be fitted with a deep freeze for imported island produce is also causing concern.

The proposal that Cal Mac should be privatised caused great disquiet and the Coll Community Council was represented at a meeting in Oban to express its opposition to this proposal.
Coll Magazine - Article by Robert Sturgeon

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