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Article by Neil Morrison (2000)

Island Home
Island Home

O, the lovely Isle of Coll,
is so beautiful to see.
Once you've found it never leave it,
it is just the place to be.
With the water clear & sparkling,
seals are swimming all around.
It is here my heart belongs now,
and my paradise I've found.

With it's wild and craggy shoreline,
where waves crash against the rocks.
It is also still and peaceful,
with it's lovely scenic walks.
There is birdlife in abundance,
and fish dancing in the sea.
All the flowers in the summer,
yes, they are a sight to see.

Here it is I have been called to,
here is where I call my home.
It's my hebridean treasure,
and no more I want to roam.
With its people and its beauty,
it is all you'll ever need.
There is nowhere else just like it,
it is where you will find peace.

Neil Morrison
Coll Magazine - Article by Neil Morrison

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