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Article by Jamie Henderson (2000)

School Trip 2000. Kilmartin Trip

School Trip 2000

This year's school trip was a joint school venture. Easdale Primary hosted a Scottish Opera workshop to which pupils from Kilninver and Luing were invited as well as ourselves. The children stayed with "host families" on Seil Island and some firm friendships were made for the future. Here is the children's account of our ground-breaking trip.

Kilmartin Trip

I got up in the host family house. We woke up about 8.00 am then I had to go toAngus's Granny's house. We waited for the bus, then it came. It was very noisy. The bus took us to school then we had to go on another bus. It was bigger than the wee bus. It took 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach Kilmartin Museum. We got into groups. We were group 2.

We went to the video shoot. There were pictures of hunters getting and killing animals. Then we went out the back door in the museum. There were daggers and cists and flutes. We went back on the bus. Then had lunch we stayed in the bus, the rest went some where else. Then we went to the Nether largie standing stones. We went down three roads looking for the graveyard. I was trying to catch up when my shoe came off in the mud! We found the graveyard there was four panels and there were crosses all over it. There was a little hole, I got through it some did not get through. Then it was time to go to the bus. We met up with the other groups. We went to the graveyard but a different one, it had stones with carvings on them. We had to go back to school so we went back to the bus. It took a long time and I was getting tired but instead of stopping at the school we went into the village to have a look. Around then it was time to go home. My favourite part of the day was the burial chamber, because it was very interesting and fun going inside.

By Jamie Henderson
Coll Magazine - Article by Jamie Henderson

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