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Article by Lawrie Neil Porrelli (2000)

School Trip 2000. Thursday 16th of March 2000

School Trip 2000

This year's school trip was a joint school venture. Easdale Primary hosted a Scottish Opera workshop to which pupils from Kilninver and Luing were invited as well as ourselves. The children stayed with "host families" on Seil Island and some firm friendships were made for the future. Here is the children's account of our ground-breaking trip.

Thursday 16th March 2000

Today we caught the school bus to school which was about five minutes away from where I was staying. When we got there we talked about the trip to Kilmartin house museum the day before. When we finished talking we wrote a report about the trip. At eleven we went out to playtime. It was a lot different because there were a lot more people than 17. We played football.

After playtime we made bits of our costumes. The boys made hats and the girls rosettes and broaches. It took about an hour to make every thing. It was a lot harder than it looked. When we finished we went back to the classroom and carried on with our report.

We went to lunch at quarter to twelve. It was very different because we had to wait in a long queue for about ten minutes. When we got our lunch I had a ham toastie. In the afternoon we practised the songs and speaking parts, for the opera.

By Lawrie Porrelli
Coll Magazine - Article by Lawrie Neil Porrelli

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