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Article by Faye Munro (2000)

School Trip 2000. Going Swimming

School Trip 2000

This year's school trip was a joint school venture. Easdale Primary hosted a Scottish Opera workshop to which pupils from Kilninver and Luing were invited as well as ourselves. The children stayed with "host families" on Seil Island and some firm friendships were made for the future. Here is the children's account of our ground-breaking trip.

Going Swimming

On Friday after we had finished Scottish Opera and lunch we got into two taxis back to Oban where we were going to stay in Glencruitten Hostel for the night. Once we were there we dropped off our bag' and got out our swimming things and money, ther went down the street.

We went shopping first. The girls were with Miss Allan and the boys with Julianna. Me, Laura and Sophie all got the same hair ties and Helena got a bulldog clip. After we went shopping we met Julianna and the boys at Atlantis Leisure centre to go swimming.

Once we were all changed we put our things in a locker and went into the big pool. We all went in except Julianna and Helena who watched us instead. When we were in the middle of the pool Laura decided to go down the flume, then Lawrie went down. Laura tried to get Miss Allan to go down the flume but Miss Allan said she would only go down if Sophie went down too! Once Sophie had said O.K. Laura asked if I would come down so when we all got to the top, Laura said Miss Allan had to go first, just to make sure she went down! Then Sophie went, then Lawrie, then me and then Laura.

After that we were just swimming around the pool. Laura and I had a competition to see who could stay under for the longest. It was a draw!

At about 5:15pm we got out the pool and went to have a shower and get changed. Once we were we had to wait on Jamie because he was playing a racing arcade game and kept crashing into walls, Miss Allan said she wouldn't like to be in a car with him when he was older!!

By Faye Munro
Coll Magazine - Article by Faye Munro

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