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Theatrical Bits. This is your life Santa Claus
Theatrical Bits

This is your life Santa Claus

Arinagour Primary School produced a musical treat for our entertainment this Christmas.

The scene was set with a silver doorframe through which the cast appeared in various guises. The show was introduced by Faye Munro and hosted by Michelle Aspel; Helena Porrelli, sporting an enormous sparkly pink bow tie, microphone and large red book. A surprised Santa Claus; Lawrie Neil Porrelli, greeted the audience whilst the guests waited patiently to be called.

First through the door was Chief Elf Sophie Buchan with two little apprentices Kyle and Domhail-lain Simpson. They were rosy cheeked from filling the shelves with toys for all the girls and boys. To remind Santa it is not all hard work, a kilted Laura Oliphant, the travel agent, sang an attractive promotion: "Christmas on the Isthmus of Panama." Next to appear were the reindeer; Kenneth MacKay, Sean Anderson, Ross Henderson, Samuel Rutherford and Douglas Wainwright. A team of fine gold glittering antlers sang a jazzy number of their travels with Santa.

It was time for a break and an advert which told us, in no uncertain terms, that if our stockings were filled with chocolate in December we would be happy for the rest of the year. It was now the turn of the children to greet Santa -Finn Porrelli, Rhona Smith and Natasha Wainwright.

It was very funny when the optimistic fax paper Christmas lists unrolled to the floor!

The advert was now taking effect and Jamie Henderson, the tailor, was called to let out Santa's breeches. Santa promised to diet after concerns were voiced that he would fall through the roof and flatten the kids in their beds. Last, and by no means least, we met Mrs. Claus; Faye Munroe, who has seen through Christmas time immemorial with Santa since meeting at a village hall dance.

The audience applauded as the cast bowed with traditional 'This is Your Life' flair. TR
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