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Article by T R (2000)

Theatrical Bits.
"Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?", performed by Stray Theatre

The Stray Theatre Company arrived on Coll in chilly November to present Edward Albee's modern classic to an adventurous local population. The production was unorthodox, as the middle of the hall floor became the centre stage with the seating placed around the scene leading to close contact of the actors and fellow audience. This situation created diverse reactions; from highly entertained to a feeling of invaded privacy.

The audience became very involved in the intense and exceedingly personal storyline, emphasised by the proximity of the actors. Everyone agreed and was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism and quality of performance for the Coll Village Hall. The minimal touring props were very effective in transforming the hall into a 50/60s sitting room where the audience witnessed the developing tightrope of high drama between two University couples.

We are fortunate that such a professional production will take the time out of an arduous tour to travel all the way to Coll for our entertainment.

We hope to offer a summer season of theatre including a theatre production for kids late July.

Coll Magazine - Article by T R

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