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Other News in Brief
Other News in Brief

Due to recent retirements from the Coastguard, Brian Maclntyre and Charlie Self have been appointed.

Alan Brodie is to retire from the fire service on 23rd April 2000, after 20 years on the job. Angus John Smalley and Brian Maclntyre (busy man!) are the hopeful new recruits. I'm sure Coll Magazine readers would like to thank the retirees for their services, and welcome the new volunteers.

This year has seen a diverse collection of courses, part funded by the Argyll and Islands Enterprise: sheep dipping, lead work, welding and computers. Here's to the movers and shakers who have organised and gained funding.

No pantomime this year due to that horrible flu virus. Word is that the show will go on ... twelve months later than planned. Well, there'll be no excuse for not knowing your lines!
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