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Article by Helena Porrelli (1996)

The Territorial Army
The Territorial Army

On the March 8th the T.A. came to our school to show us their heavy equipment. After a quick chat in the classroom and a chance to ask some questions, we all went outside. We took it in turns to pull the levers on the big lorry to operate the tipping mechanism. There was an observation hole in the roof of each lorry. On one lorry we moved a lever so the back of it came up. One of the men jumped on to the back, most of us got to sit on the motor bike. The engine was going, but the men had propped it up so it didn't move. You could feel the tremendous vibration all through your body. On the small lorry we pretended to lift cars with the hydraulic arm. We spoke to Terry Markwick, the man in charge of the operation. It was fantastic.

by Helena Porrelli and Ian Fraser.
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